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Discovered at BDNY – Flying Shuttle Mills with 40 Rug Patterns...

Flying Shuttle Mills weren't showing rugs at BDNY (they were showing amazing textiles) but I was excited to find them.  Down in York, Pa,...

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Novogratz Brands- Pops up Christmas Store with Momeni Rugs and Featured...

Novogratz  is branding their products with a pop-up store in one of the hottest neighborhoods for art galleries  -- 446 West 14th St NYC  for just...

About Rugs

Afghan War Rugs in Slotin Folk Auction – 2017

Weavers weave what they see.  Afghan War Rugs record current history. Slotin Folk Art Auction has 5 Afghan War Rugs on the 2nd day of the...


Sarah Stroh Rug News andDesign Co-Editor Lives In Ojai

It's been a scary week for Rug News andDesign.  Less than 6 hours after sending the December issue to the printer, Sarah, her husband,...

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Hear the sounds, see the movements

Many hands are involved in the making of one hand knotted rug. This video is but a glimpse into the process of rug making.


byREVEAL XRC Labs Presentation

At XRC Labs' 2nd cohort presentations, an amazingly simple idea for a pop-up kiosk yielded, in test markets of one month, $6,000 per square...

To The Trade

Obeetee to Introduce “Quick Ship Express” with DIFFA Collection for...

Expanding Obeetee's  deep commitment to social responsibility, they are becoming a DIFFA Specify with Care Affiliate. Fifteen talented interior designers and architects are designing...

Video: Teppich-Samimi, Berlin, Germany

During a recent visit to Berlin, Rug News andDesign spoke with Arwin Samimi, owner of Teppich-Samimi, a rug store on Bismarckstraße in Charlottenburg.

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