Where do you begin when you choose the floor covering?

Most often I will begin by developing a design plan and color scheme and use that as a starting point. This plan will use either wood/stone floors and area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting. Color enters into the scheme early on, in order to properly fulfill the interior design scheme.

What markets or design centers do you attend regularly?

I go to the New York City design centers on a regular basis. Additionally there are some local carpet shops that provide designers with very extensive carpet options.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber of area rug?

It is my opinion that 100% wool is the most durable fiber, and wool and silk combinations are luxurious and present a lovely setting in a room. Purchasing a custom area rug is dependent on the situation and the client. I will suggest it, if the room warrants its usage, the space will handle it in terms of wear and tear, and it is priced within the project budget.

Do you shop online, use catalogs or comparison shop online?

I use all three. There are times when I look online, as well as look at catalogs to see what is available and compare pricing.

What is your balance between new rugs to antique rugs in your purchases?


I most often use new rugs, as I prefer doing the design myself based on some of the fabrics I am using in the project.

Are there any design rules you specifically like to follow, or perhaps break?

The design rule I like to follow is to create a room that is eclectic in nature. It is rather a challenge to do so, in order to make the space flow and yet have a very individual feel. To fulfill this objective, I probably break some design rules which I consider archaic.

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