Experience A Design Surprise in The Radio Building – High Point

Dupuis table in boiler room

Slogging through the rain between ICHF and Market Square, I remember there are two new-to-me rug companies in this building and in I went mainly to get warm.  Surprise!  I am enveloped by Spanish/Mexican warmth and design, designers and artists on 3-1/2 floors.  All the showrooms are meticulously arranged.  The large loft like spaces allow the artifacts to breath.  Rugs compliment furniture; pottery compliment beds;  photographs give perspective to dining tables; rugs copy glassware; spots of color drive the eye towards special arrangements.    The visual excitement goes on and on.

Becara Blue Rug
Becara Display with Spots of Color

BECARA, a Madrid firm with a 20,000 square foot showroom in Mexico City, takes the entire fifth floor.   Since 1964, BECARA has shopped the world to create a coordinated vision of how a world traveler decorates.  Rugs hold the spaces together.  New eclectic collections are introduced twice a year and are designed as a total package.

Dupuis Circuit Board

DUPUIS, the sister company of BECARA, is in the basement.  The tone is more modern and starker than BECARA’s.  The founder and principal designer grew up in a house designed by Luis Barragan, who was a family friend.

Dupuis China

His style was very much present  as I wandered the subterranean spaces.   The furnaces, pipes, telephone switch boards make a compelling background for much of the displays.

Partow Rug Inspired by Orfeo Quagliata,

Partow Rugs is on the fourth floor.

Partow Skeleton Rug

Although not connected with BECARA, Partow appears to be great friends with a lot of going back and forth.   The rugs are Mexican designed and sourced in the major rug weaving countries.    Shown as one of a kind, the primary market is interior designers, who place custom orders.  My favorite rug was inspired by Orfeo, an industrial designer who creates in glass.  I was sent downstairs to meet him.

Taracea – Partow Rug

Teracea, a crafter of phenomenal wood, is on the first floor using the former bank space as a dramatic  backdrop  for furniture.

Taracea Table – Partow Rug

Partow rugs anchor the room settings throughout the space.


Orfeo glass panel

Studio Orfeo Quagliata is up a flight of wrought iron stairs to the balcony.  It is there I got to meet with Orfeo and see his glass works which inspires the Partow Rugs.  Orfeo fashions glass in many ways from magnificent wall panels to small pieces of jewelry.

Time was running short; the rain had stopped and I had a meeting in Market Square.  But I will be back in the Radio Building at the next market and share with you many more pictures.