By SCAD Alumnae – Trish Andersen

High Point has over 100 vendors who say they have rugs, so there is no time to spend looking at other sites.  But rushing through Suites at Market Square, some vendors stopped me in my tracks.

SCAD (Savanah College of Art and Design) alumnae, Trish Andersen’s wall hanging blew my mind.  This could have been a rug, but it is a wall hanging.

Dovetail’s Mannequin Wouldn’t Speak

And across the way in Suites at Market Square, is Dovetail with eclectic range of handmade furniture and accessories  No idea whose rug it is as no one was around to ask.  I tried to ask the lady on the couch, but she was a mannequin.

POLaRT Skull Stools

POLaRT has always been a favorite; I would love to have a boutique hotel with decoration geared to the fanciful. Mohawk used a bright pink chair in a vignette at 295 Fifth Avenue last year.



The Flower Chair

The “blooming chair” at Kenneth Corbonpue was not only eye catching, but so comfortable. The furniture is made in the Philippines and the primary market is commercial buildings, although some brave consumers buy

Sea Jewels

Finally,  my eyes were  captured by small and opulent displays of jeweled sea shells, by Charleston Sea Jewels.  Delicate, mysterious, luminescent and imaginative — I just kept staring at the display.  The shells transfixed as nothing else has since at the age of 4, I spent hours looking at Colleen Moore’s dollhouse