The summer I turned 5, Colleen Moore’s doll house went on tour to Holland, Michigan, where I was summering with my grandparents, at a resort called Castle Park.  The resort, Castle Park is long gone and is now a gated community, but Colleen Moore’s Doll house lives on at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

 Yesterday, I had breakfast with a friend of many years, who confided that he had always wanted a castle, because back when we were sandbox buddies, I had described Colleen Moore’s doll house to him.  He and I once visited the Museum of Science and Industry and “explored” the rooms together.  He did buy a real castle in Italy at one point in his life to satisfy the craving.

Below are multiple links to Colleen Moore’s doll house.  Enjoy a tour of truly fanciful decorative arts.


A DOLL’S HOUSE Colleen Moore and The Age of Silence – YouTube