Average Holiday Shipment will be $268

Based on an estimate of $107 billion in retail sales on the internet for this Holiday season, and an estimate of 400 million packages shipped, we find that these numbers indicate that the average shipment this holiday season will be $268.

Leslie Stroh Predicting

RNAD to Revise Average Rug Ticket towards $270

$268 is in line with, and slightly higher than our anecdotal best guess of under $200. But with this new information, Rug News andDesign may revise our average ticket upwards to $270. We still do hear that the average rug sale is under $100. A package can contain more than one item. A rug is A rug.


Luxury Goods Market — What Sells?

At the luxury goods end of the market, we don’t really know who is selling what and at what price point. When we look at regional and local auctions, we know that red and blue Persians are selling for less than light colored Oushaks. In an auction bidding system with fixed increments we see more activity for Oushaks than for Persians, which we take to mean bidders have a price point in mind when they set their bid rather than bottom fishing.