Oum’s 17′ Antique Moroccan Rug

OUM began selling Moroccan rugs online in March 2017; NY NOW is their first trade show.  They are showing  a collection of “loop weave”  knotted Berber rugs with an exquisite plush feel.  In addition, OUM curates antique Moroccan rugs of a variety of weaves.  One 17′ long carpet is shown here.

The OUM web site is informative and sophisticated. Until this NY NOW show, all of OUM’s sales have been from this website.  Impressive

Oum means mother in Moroccan. It is the company’s intention to honor all of the women artisans who weave these special rugs. As part of this mission, Oum donates a portion of its revenues to EFA Morocco, a local NGO that provides girls from rural communities with access to secondary education.