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An article in Reuters presents a story in terms of impact on the share price of UPS and Fedex, based on an article in the Wall Street Journal  But the real story is that Amazon continues to signal an expansion into the last mile space of the United States Postal Service.

Impact on Home Furnishings Significant

For home furnishings in general, and rugs in particular, Amazon is upping the level of customer service where sales and margins are most likely to be found. Customer Service for local retailers will have to rise to the White Glove level, and once in the home, help move furniture and place rugs, not just drop the package at the front door

B2C Delivery


First it was Whole Foods two hour delivery of food orders for Prime members, and now it is B2C delivery of goods for Amazon 3rd party vendors in the Los Angeles market.

Putting all the caveats aside, essentially Amazon is beefing up their customer service in target rich environments, called the largest cities in America. See the Reuters article linked here for all the reasons why it won’t work, until it does; just assume that Amazon does its homework.