Leslie Stroh walked and talked for four long days at High Point. Here are some of his off-the-top-of-his-head observations.

Peggy Richardson of French Market

Ecosystems of Suppliers & Consumers

This market was more about the ecosystems of the suppliers and the consumers. It is not clear to me that those two communities communicate well with each other, Jaipur Living being a notable exception.

Joh Feizy and Leslie Stroh

Product is Not the Focus


Long gone are the days of focus on product. For the mass merchants and internet vendors, it is the numbers on a spread sheet. For the step-up category, it is touch, feel, lifestyle and aspirations.

A number of vendors told us that they had built either interior rooms, or whole houses in their warehouse in which to take pictures of their rugs in context. I think this make sense. In the mid nineteen seventies I was doing this in High Point when I was running a rug company. The difference between a room shot for furniture and a room shot for rugs is two or three steps on a step ladder. Augmented Reality is an electronic step ladder.

Fair Trade & Social Accountability CEU Presentation

Finishing is as Important as Making the Rug

David Samad of Samad Brothers showed me a great video of hand washing and shearing machine made wool rugs in Turkey. The point he was making was that the finishing process is as important as the making process. Shearing and over-dyeing is an example of a once popular finishing process.

Ronnie Jaffar of Dalyn & Leslie

Focus on Sustainable

Sustainable is a state of mind, an attitude. In the rug business we talk about it, but I do not think we understand it.

After Market Visit Views the Future

I visited with the International Textile Alliance headquartered in High Point and after market I visited North Carolina State University College of Textiles in Raleigh. I learned a lot about the future. We all could.