‘Fresco’ by Knots Rugs, designed by Blackpop in collaboration with The Joan Soane Museum, London

An email from London arrived  in the early morning transporting us  to the beautiful.  The release tells the story of the collaboration between Knots Rugs, Blackpop fabrics company and the Sir John Soan Museum.


‘Capriccio’ by Knots Rugs, designed by Blackpop in collaboration with The John Soane Museum, London

Knots Rugs‘ Collectors Collection was introduced at this years  Decorex and now photographed in the Sir John Soan Museum, London. The magnificent pieces are shown in the context of the museum rooms.

‘Fresco’ and ‘Capriccio’ show off the wonderfully eclectic eye of the Blackpop design team led by Maxine Hall, combined with the rich archive of the Sloan Museum collection. Both rugs are produced in 150 knots quality Tibetan wool and Chinese silk, using over sixty colors.  Knots has produced ‘Fresco’ in a Persian quality in the same manner as their 17th Century Collection.

KnotsRug – Decorex Exhibit

Knots promises more information about their beautiful rugs in the year to come.

In the December, 2018 issue of Rug News andDesign, there is a similarly glorious picture of a custom rug made for the dining room of Hyde Hall in Cooperstown, NY by Langhorne Carpets