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Not so long ago, rugs were either of “Oriental” designs and expensive or ugly designs and cheap.  No longer.  There are no ugly rugs — even “cheap” rugs are beautiful.  Rugs are now a medium on which to create.

Design is in. Color is in. Creativity is in.  Fun is in

So, it is acceptable to use the web when life gets dull to stimulate imaginative design.  Three of my favorite places for to go are:

Nasir ol Molk Mosque photo by @jasonseife instagram –

Textile Design & Designers Platform – most easily found on their Facebook page although, she has two sites which are not kept up-to-date, but which have drop dead images.  But “friend” Textile Design and Designers Platform on Facebook and you will get the unexpected visual surprise.  It’s an Ah Ha experience that brightens a wintery day.

From 13 Things I Found on Web – May 5, 2019

Messy Nessy is a developed blog with advertising and now even a monthly charge to see the really good stuff.  I have spent whole mornings wandering around this site and come away refreshed, knowledgeable and a good conversationalist  She is on Facebook. She now has “stringers” around the world looking for excellent content.  You can sign up for two “emails” a week – Friday and Monday.

Textile Museum of Canada has an uncommonly good site for exciting textiles.  The exhibits are well pictured on the site and a lot easier than going to Toronto.  But when I do, this museum is a must.  The image pictured here is from the current exhibit NADIA  MYRA- Balancing Acts – April 25 – September 19, 2019.

Nadia Myre, ‘Sharing Platform (New Technologies)’, 2018; Ceramic, oxides, stainless steel thread; 24 x 118 x 118cm. Image: Mike Patten