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Graham Stroh, the Associate andDesign Editor, blogs at markets in the U.S. and overseas for Rug News andDesign.

Designers’ Notebooks: Tracy A. Davis, Urban Dwellings, Portland, Me

Tracy A. Davis is the founder and leader of Urban Dwellings a Portland ME based Interior Architectural Practice. Tracy has been recognized nationally for...

Designers’ Notebooks: Lisa Staprans

Lisa Staprans is a nationally recognized interior designer based in Portola Valley, California, with projects around the country. Lisa gains inspiration from the beauty of nature that surrounds her as well as the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley.

See Two Million Knots Turn Into a Carpet

More than a third of the world's handmade carpets come from India. CNNMoney gives you an inside look at how artisans weave the rugs one knot at a time.

Sien and Co. handwoven geometric flatwoven at NYNOW. 

Sien and Co showed strong geometric patterns and contemporary colors in the rugs at NYNOW show. HandMade in Argentina the rugs complements the knit...

TANTUVI studio a new, strong design leader in flatwoven Rugs at NYNOW

We were excited to meet TANTUVI Studio. While waiting to talk, we overheard thier customers saying it was the "most fun design" they had...

Azulina Home’s Natural Fiber and Metal Rugs at NYNOW

These Handmade rugs from Columbia are made with Fique, a locally sourced natural fiber, and metal on hand operated looms. Available in sizes upto...

Art Hide with innovative hide rugs at NYNOW

Both fun metallic designs on full hides and pieced rugs are fun and engaging. 

Shupaca brings vintage Peruvian one of a kind Rugs to NYNOW

Vintage flatwoven one of a kind rugs  from Peru. 

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Carpet Making in India

A good overview of the hand knotting process in India.

NEW Matira Collection at Kaleen Rugs, Inc., at High Point

Named after an island in Bora Bora, the fresh colors of this indoor/outdoor are bright and vibrant. It is also treated with a non-skid...

French Market Collection hot on Ikats at NYIGF

French Market has the soft palette and soft coloring Ikat. Great Silk and Wool Aubusson benches.