Graham Stroh

Graham Stroh, the Associate andDesign Editor, blogs at markets in the U.S. and overseas for Rug News andDesign.

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Yasmine Collection NEW at Ren-Wil at High Point

The Yasmine Collection is Bohemian chic at its finest. This vivid and bold rug is complemented by coordinating art, accents and lighting. Customize your...

Kilim Art New Kilim collection from Turkey at AmericasMart

Kilim Art comes strong to the market with their new Kilim collection from Turkey. The collection includes everything from rugs, to bags and shoes. The...

Revita Rugs Chemical Free Rug Washing, Cleaning, In Five Steps

People have been washing knotted rugs (oriental rugs) as long as people have been making them. The secret is water, clean, fresh, soft water, the same water you would want to use to wash your hair. This video shows how modern technology, and knowledge of fiber, dyes, and traditions are all combined to clean a rug, baby clean.