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Surprise! Fiscally Conservative Millennials Buy Home Before Marriage

Even more amazing, they put planning for retirement as the top priority -- above home buying

The Difference Between BDNY and the High Point Market? Design!

The BDNY market is for specifically for the Hospitality market.  High Point has a more diverse audience.   At BDNY the booths call out to...

What Leslie Stroh Learned About Rugs and Hospitality at BDNY

The design objective is to create a memorable and unique experience in “home away from home” for the traveler of today. BDNY (Boutique Design New...

Leslie Stroh Tries To Understand What Motivates the New Generation To Buy

I was not sure that I understood the up-and-coming generation  I've been in the rug business all my long adult life.  I've made rugs,...

Stroh’s – History 101 – Selling One-of-a-Kind Rugs

Back in the "Good old Days", there were over 15,000 viable brick and mortar rug retail stores.   The owners came to markets to buy...

Leslie Stroh Comments on Millennials, Price & Fiber at High Point

Millennials will pay above entry level price points when they have a reason to do so. And with their focus on design, millennials will be...

Prices Realized at NOA Living Bankruptcy Sale

Leland Little Auctions sold about 2,500 lots of goods at a forced bankruptcy sale to satisfy the bankruptcy trustee for NOAA LIVING. The retail...

Leslie Stroh’s Cryptic Comments on Home Fashions Week

Two words: Soft - Shiny  And that means new fibers to compete with viscose: polyester and polypropylene. From a design perspective one word: texture.  Whether it...

The End of The World is Not Coming To Retail!

A New York Times article says Amazon is not putting retailers out of business, because people like to shop.

Beautiful “Designer” Rugs at Kaminski Auction – Who will buy online?

On March 4th,  Kaminski Auctions will have a significant rug auction with a liquidation sale of 292 rugs in one day at “no reserve”...

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NEW Additions at B.S. Trading at High Point

B.S. Trading is featuring beautiful Italian calfskin rugs starting at $39. They are available in merlot, black, and a few neutral options.

Brooklyn-based Designer Aimee Wilder New Rug at ICFF

Brooklyn-based Designer Aimee Wilder New Rug at ICFF. This rug is made by Surya of hand-tufted New Zealand wool in India.

Sultanhan Rugs GENUINE Oriental Rugs at AmericasMart

The genuine oriental rugs by Sultanhan include Oushaks, Anatolian, Vintage and Patchwork. All carefully hand made in Turkey. 100% Wool and Vegetable dye.