Nelly Ortiz

Nelly Ortiz is Walking The Market for Rug News andDesign at AmericasMart Atlanta Market.

Creative Touch UPDATED Benson-Cobb Rug Collection at AmericasMart

Benson-Cobb Collection features distinct abstract designs based on the artwork of Carol Benson-Cobb. Collection is created with the inspiration of Carol's original paintings as...

Shalom Brothers NEW La Vista Collection at AmericasMart

La Vista collection uses the finest high mountain wool and man-made silk fibers to create a rich and opulent decorative masterpiece. This new and...

Anadol UNIQUE Angora Ushak Collection at AmericasMart

The traditional Oushak carpets in the ethnographic nature are the Ushak carpets created by the Turkmen women, who have been influenced by the pattern...

Chaman Oriental Rugs UNIQUE Oushak Rugs at AmericasMart

These sophisticated and traditional Oushak Rugs are very exclusive pieces of decoration. Antiques inspired on the 1880's floral designs. Made in Turkey. 100% Wool.

Caravan Rug NEW Cloud Bamboo Rug at AmericasMart

The unique Cloud Bamboo Rug from Caravan is a bold black and white design that will definitely make a statement on any room. Contemporary...

F.J Kashanian NEW Overdye Rug at AmericasMart

The exclusive Overdye Rugs are the perfect blend of modern and vintage Persian designs. This distressed one of a kind rug was made in...

Merrifield Oriental NEW Kazni Rug at AmericasMart

Create a sense of luxury and warmth in any setting by the adding this handmade oriental rug from Merrifield Oriental Rugs Inc. Modern and...

Tibet Rug Company CONTEMPORARY Sea Foam Rug at AmericasMart

The Sea Foam Rug has modern abstract design characteristic of the Tibet Rug Co. Hand knotted with silk. Made in Nepal.

Sultanhan Rugs GENUINE Oriental Rugs at AmericasMart

The genuine oriental rugs by Sultanhan include Oushaks, Anatolian, Vintage and Patchwork. All carefully hand made in Turkey. 100% Wool and Vegetable dye.

Jaunty Inc. NEW Soho Collection at AmericasMart

This sophisticated rugs are the perfect addition to any space. High quality hand tufted wool combined with rich silk-like viscose yarn create this unique...

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Artim Home Textile NEW Country Rugs at AmericasMart

Artim Home is displaying their beautiful Country Collection at AmericasMart. This collection includes several designs with every color palette to suit any room....