Wesley Mancini

Wesley Mancini has been involved in domestic fabric design for the past 28 years with the Wesley Mancini by Home Fabrics line of upholstery. He also designs decorative trimmings and drapery hardware for Classical Elements. Recently, he and Due Process Trading Co. signed a long term arrangement to create an ongoing rug line carrying his name as well. He has earned: the HomeTex Award, The Grand Trillium Award, the DuPont Creative Leadership Award, as well, is the only National Endowment for the Arts grant recipient for fabric design. All fabrics copyright 2012 Wesley Mancini. Wesley Mancini designs for the furniture industry and does not sell retail or to the trade. For more information about the fabrics shown contact: www.valdeseweavers.com.

The Eye of the Beholder by Wesley Mancini

Every aspect of the human experience is touched one way or another by textiles, on a minute to minute basis. How does one textile relate to another? How is it that products made all over the globe find their way into your home color coordinated? Trends are ubiquitous, and ever-changing. The relationship between products in the home evolve in an unspoken language and yet there are no specific rules when it comes to Interior Design. There is also no connection between a designer of textiles in New Delhi, for example, and one in Charlotte...

andDesign: The Elusive Color Trend

Color is a moving target and to make it even more abstract "color is market specific". It is so market specific it has its own idiosyncratic trends from customer to customer, region to region, price point to price point, and category to category.

andDesign: Some Things Never Change

The dominant color palette that sells furniture historically has been neutrals. Today is no different. The challenge however, is how do you make this category look fresh?

andDesign: Spring Fabric Forecast

Excited about attending the April Furniture Market? Here’s a sneak peak at what upholstery trends you’ll be seeing.

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