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Old world Antieks comes to the market with their various artifacts and old world decor. Each piece looks like a treasure found and it...

The Las Vegas Market runs from August 2-6, and Rug News andDesign will be Walking The Market!

Our photobloggers will be posting all the new introductions LIVE from the showroom floor. Click the Walking The Market tab above or go straight to www.walkingthemarket.com

Outdoor rugs really make space become livable. @capelrugs two rugs helped make the shaded area of an out door party welcoming. The runner was at the base of the ladder to the tent. Kids could take of their shoes and climbing into the tent. The 5x8 under the awning was perfect for those that wanted to sit and for little ones that needed to crawl. #outdoor #outdoorrug #party #rugsarelife #rugsarefamily #rugsarememories #lifestyle #outdoorliving #camping #weavingthruamerica #arearug #design