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A Q and A with Abraham Levi Moheban

"As we spoke, we happened to be walking across an antique rug. When we got to the other side of the rug, Abraham turned to me and said, Les, this rug has been altered. In the few minutes we had spent walking on the rug, he knew from the way the rug moved under his foot that at some point the rug had a backing put on it. Abraham said, ‘it just did not move the right way.’ It was then I realized that I was not meant to sell antique rugs."

Cycling with Rugs

In an industry that is constantly changing and adapting to the current world, our need for redefining and expanding rug terms is a necessity....

Walking The Atlanta Market

The Atlanta Market runs July 8-11 at AmericasMart, and Rug News andDesign is Walking The Market, posting LIVE to www.walkingthemarket.com.