Recycling Clothes for Handloom Weaving

Flatwoven rugs made from recycled clothing.

Carpet Making in India

A good overview of the hand knotting process in India.

Silk Weaving in Varanasi

Silk weaving is a major industry in Varanasi, near the carpet weaving areas.

Wilcom Auto-Tufting

Wilcom Auto-Tufting custom designs comparing their machine with a competitors'. Speed of production is always an issue in any process.

Gripper Axminster Machine Weaving

Axminster carpets are used in hospitality and other commercial applications. Shown in this video, the gripper Axminster machine is commonly used for that production.

Sanjhi Hand Embroidery In India

Hand embroidery in Jaipur India, showing a traditional craft related to rug making.

Tibetan Carpet Weaving

Very good video showing the weaving process of Nepalese and Tibetan rugs.

Sanjhi Hand Spinning In India

This video demonstrates hand-powered spinning in India on a rudimentary tool, not drop spindle, which is much slower.

Oriental Rug Buying Advice, Part 4

Joe Aziz on Oriental Rug Investing in Light of Museum Carpets.

Innovative Broadloom

An Introduction to Nourison's innovative broadloom carpeting.

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