Slow Motion Tying An Asymmetrical Persian Knot For A Knotted Rug

Slow motion tying an asymmetrical Persian knot for a knotted rug.

Pottery Barn Knotted and Tufted Rug-making

Pottery Barn knotted and tufted rug-making.

Pottery Barn Tufted Rug Making with Obeetee

Pottery Barn tufted rug making with Obeetee.

Social Responsibility: Fighting Child Labour in India’s Carpet Industry

Social Responsibility: Our friends at Social Accountability International (SA8000) sent us this link to an International Labor Organization (ILO-NGO) video called "Fighting Child Labour in India's Carpet Industry" (April 2012).

Afghan Rugs – from Label STEP via Rob Leahy, Fine Rugs Of Charleston

Excellent video on rug making, produced and filmed in Afghanistan by Label-Step a fair trade (NGO) organization. Look at the dresses of the women. Early in the video is a good close-up of women tying a symmetrical knot typical of Afghan weaving.

UNESCO Video On Traditional Skills Of Carpet Weaving In Fars

UNESCO video on traditional skills Of carpet weaving in Fars.

UNESCO video on rugs from Azerbaijan

A UNESCO video on the traditional art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

XCIX2 Loom by Van de Wiele

Promotional film for a XCIX2 loom by Van de Wiele, whose looms dominate the Wilton area rug making industry. The video shows a new loom which makes rugs that look a lot like hand-knotted on the back.

Making A Rug In Afghanistan, video by Paul Briney

A film created by a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at a site outside Kabul, showing the steps in making a hand-knotted rug on a small scale.

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