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Surprise! Fiscally Conservative Millennials Buy Home Before Marriage

Even more amazing, they put planning for retirement as the top priority -- above home buying

How Can You Tell if an Oriental Rug is High-End? By Sam Presnell

Oriental rugs come in many quality levels, from high-end to low-end. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses how to spot the differences,...

Protecting Oriental Rugs from Moths by Sam Presnell

Did you know that moth damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your rug? Listen as Sam Presnell of the...

The End of The World is Not Coming To Retail!

A New York Times article says Amazon is not putting retailers out of business, because people like to shop.

Kaminski Auction -75% Sold – Most with Opening Bid

  Kaminiski Auction March 4 2018 Auctioning off 292 rugs on a Sunday morning can seem daunting, but Kaminski Auctions on March 4, 2018 sold approximately...

Beautiful “Designer” Rugs at Kaminski Auction – Who will buy online?

On March 4th,  Kaminski Auctions will have a significant rug auction with a liquidation sale of 292 rugs in one day at “no reserve”...

Consumers Want to Buy Eco-Friendly Home Furnishings – SFC Research

Ninety percent of home furnishings purchasers will choose eco-friendly home furnishings if they like the style of the products and the price is within...

Good News for Home Furnishings – Particularly Rugs

Selling a house: 30 days, Buying a house: 90 days Because of a shortage of supply, it takes longer to find a house with the...

Amazon moves into USPS last mile space with new delivery service

An article in Reuters presents a story in terms of impact on the share price of UPS and Fedex, based on an article in...

Retailers & The Rug Shop to Compete with Wayfair and Amazon

NOTE: This post was derived from a press release received by Rug News andDesign magazine.  After we received the release it was requested that...

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End of day, sitting under artwork/building in Seattle

End of day, sitting under artwork/building in Seattle. #design #architecture #Seattle #weavingthruamerica

Surya – New by Angelo Home – Hudson Park coll. Rugs

100% polyester Rug. Hand Tufted. Made in China. Elegant Patterns.

Tamarian CONTEMPORARY Tibetan Rugs at AmericasMart

Tamarian contemporary rugs are a true work of art. Hand carded hand spun Tibetan Wool. Tamarian's dye masters manipulated colors to enhance the wools...

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