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The Initiative to Educate Afghan Women

Roz Rustigian is still the chair of "The Initiative To Educate Afghan Women" and the board and supporters continue their efforts to provide a...

DFA Media Partner, Atlanta, Las Vegas

DECORATIVE FURNISHINGS ASSOCIATION Rug News andDesign has become a Media Partner of the Decorative Furnishings Association. Their Mission Statement: The Decorative Furnishings Association is a non-profit...

Size Matters: What Size Rug Should I Buy?

The size of the rug in the room makes a big difference to how the room looks. But visualizing that difference when standing in the store is difficult, even for experts.

The Fifth Wall Of Your Room

I like to think of an area rug as the “fifth wall” in a room because it can be a focal point just like...

Ageless & Smart Designing for Millennials to Boomers

93% of our lives are spent indoors. Design is human-centric; we as designers should be focused on that. Lindsey Cheen (ASID employee) introduces speaker: Mitzi Beach,...

Design Viewpoint Series — Elegant Simplicity

Innovation and innovators from the past 40 years  Barclay Butera: 1994 Newport, CA. Known for approachable elegance, grand architecture influenced by world travels and fashion from...

The Eye of the Beholder by Wesley Mancini

Every aspect of the human experience is touched one way or another by textiles, on a minute to minute basis. How does one textile relate to another? How is it that products made all over the globe find their way into your home color coordinated? Trends are ubiquitous, and ever-changing. The relationship between products in the home evolve in an unspoken language and yet there are no specific rules when it comes to Interior Design. There is also no connection between a designer of textiles in New Delhi, for example, and one in Charlotte...

Tamarian Carpets Invited by Nepal to Celebrate Cultural and Economic Relationship at Ambassador’s Residence

Washington, DC - Tamarian Carpets recently accepted a gracious invitation by the government of Nepal to attend a cultural celebration at the residence of...

Social Media in Action

  Updating a website monthly or even weekly makes a static, dead website. This article from the New York Times describes images as part of a new language.

Revita Rugs Chemical Free Rug Washing, Cleaning, In Five Steps

People have been washing knotted rugs (oriental rugs) as long as people have been making them. The secret is water, clean, fresh, soft water, the same water you would want to use to wash your hair. This video shows how modern technology, and knowledge of fiber, dyes, and traditions are all combined to clean a rug, baby clean.

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NEW Hides and design decor ideas at Palecek in AmericasMart Atlanta

Offering amazing design ideas Palecek brings into their showroom fabulous hides and modern to classic home decor furniture which can easily become any designer's dream. Offering...

FEATURED at Nomadic Trading Company at High Point

Traditional pattern meets modern colors in this 1930 Persian overdye. Deep navy and bright lavender flow throughout the piece creating a great transitional piece.   

NEW Chateau Collection at Rizzy Home at High Point

This stunning beige and black handset rug is power loomed in India. Multiple patterns and color ways are available in this modern collection.